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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 30, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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i don't know if i like this. everybody's looking at us. that's because we look awesome. yeah, that's right. this is happening. ha. come on, g-man. we're doing this, baby. we're doing this now. then why are we still on the ground? gentlemen... i'll see you on top of the world.
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people need to know victim that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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mexico's active colima volcano is still putting on a show releasing a plume of ash and smoke and spilling some lava. the smoke rose more than 1,000 feet into the air. scientists say this activity is completely normal. colima has been spewing ash since early summer when hundreds of people were evacuated from towns nearby. this makes me nervous, though. i feel like at some point it's just going to suddenly surprise. and some of us are not going to be there. >> it's already gone poof. it goes boom. angry bees, wow, swarmed a police cruiser after the truck carrying them and their hives flipped over near oklahoma city. at first officers and beakeepers tried to gather up the bees, but it became too dangerous when they -- wait. they got aggressive. sought wreckage of the truck and hives were piled up and set afire. >> can't make that one up. >> that's not really the happy ending i was hoping for for the bee story. >> sorry. well, now to a florida woman
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who survived an attack by an alligator and through the whole ordeal she never lost consciousness. >> this is really intense. at first she thought her arm was just broken. but then she watched the gator swim away with it in her mouth. she's speaking out about it. here's abc's linsey davis. >> there's a lady that just got attacked by an alligator and it bit herr arm. >> reporter: the survivor of an alligator encounter details the horrifying attack. >> i didn't realize it was actually a gator until i had touched its head. it felt like a reptile. you know, it was certainly a big reptile on my arm. and it was clamped and it was not letting go. >> reporter: 37-year-old rachel lilli lillianthal was swimming in shoulder deep water this past august when an alligator clamped down on her arm. >> once i realized my arm was in the gator's mouth and it wasn't letting go i said a quick prayer. it rolled me around. and at that point i realized,
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okay, you're not getting out of this. and i needed to call for help. >> reporter: nearby couples in canoes coming to her rescue. one of them beating the gator with a paddle. >> just trying to go at it while it was on her abdomen and she tried to grab onto the kayak with her right arm but there was no arm there. >> reporter: the gator taking her arm and part of her bathing suit, this photo taken by another boater, shredded and dangling from the alligator's teeth. >> is she in the water still or did you get her out? >> she's still in the water. we're trying to get her into the canoe. >> reporter: lillianthal calls that brave couple who stepped in her heroes, crediting them with saving her life. >> i am so etd eternally grateful to both krista and casey. they were so brave. they didn't consider their own safety. they just saw someone in need and they rushed to assist. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> what i love, she says it's not hard to see some kind of divine intervention in a moment like this. she finds peace in just being
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grateful that she's alive. >> and he had has a lot to be grateful for. that is just absolutely incredible, to watch that creature swim away with your arm. i can't imagine. that's when i would have been like peace out, deuces, i'm done. >> i would have blanked out. and she never did that. well, coming up, hummus. we've got lofts different types of hummus. >> hummus? >> hummus that's even dessert flavor. >> the favorite food of many around the world is getting a gourmet makeover. plus how you can eat it for dessert as you mentioned. oh, i see. our insomniac kitchen next. >> that's a float. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this.
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one thing that gets the job done, hummus. and we're now learning it goes with everything. and that includes dessert. >> that's good. >> after you've had hummus, wash it down with more hummus as well. >> this is so good. this is the real stuff. >> yeah. let's get abc's tina tran to show us the data. are you just going to eat the whole thing? >> yeah. sorry. >> reporter: hey, insomniacs, we're here at taboon restaurant in manhattan. the specialty here, hummus.
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but it's not just a dip for your carrot sticks. we're going to get creative with it. we're in the kitchen with executive chef essie nolan. who's going to show us everything hummus. this is your basic hummus right here. you have it with falafel? >> yes. we have it with falafel, some schug, which is spicy yemeni paste. garn being with some olive oil. >> mm. creamy. and kind of nutty too. >> that's because of the tahini. >> what's this over here? >> this one is like a mexican version of it. the base is real hummus. black beans instead of regular chickpeas. crispy avocado, deep fried avocado, coated with panko, pico degallo, and some tomatillo salsa. >> and what's this one over here? >> this one is of course hummus with wild mushroom, any mushroom you can get. we use meitaki. braised with red wine. and on top that's poached egg
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dipped in some butter and deep fried. >> it's almost like meat. the mushroom is very savory. and here you have slim np hummus. i've never seen that before. >> and the basic hummus is not made of chickpeas. it's made of cauliflower. of course tahini over there. >> so if you don't have chickpeas at home you can totally use cauliflower. >> yes. >> you're going to show us how to make a dessert with hummus. this is kind of crazy. what are you making today? what are we calling this? >> we call it tahini taboon float. we're going to start with the black tahini over here on the inside of the glass. we'll take one ice cream scoop. >> okay. >> then a little bit of the kumquat. this is the caramelized chickpeas. >> all right. >> another tahini ice cream. >> tahini ice cream. >> and a little bit of the kumquat. and root beer. >> root beer. it's basically a mediterranean
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ro root beer float. >> exactly. there you go. that's a big bite. >> mm. mm. chickpeas in a dessert. who knew? it totally works. >> thank you very much. >> yummy. >> and the good folks here in taboon new york city sent us a bunch of different hummus. we've got hummus with shrimp, fried avocado. this one's a poached egg with hummus. and of course traditional hummus with falafel and chickpeas. >> yes. and they're all really, really good. i was able to wrestle some of them away from you. >> you were? >> this one is my favorite. the falafel. >> the falafel. but it tastes very authentic to me. >> it does? >> not out of a -- >> as someone who's spent a lot of time as well in the middle east. >> yes. i know my hummus. and true authentic hummus you only eat the day of and then you throw it away because it's all
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so why choose anything other than lysol? ♪ top apps. i'm feeling bloated from all that. managing calories is a major part of good health, especially after you're eating all this. and if you're dieting and burning off those calories is, you know, just as important. >> but new info suggests that we're not burning as many of those calories as we think. i'm going to burn it this way, right? >> that's a good way. >> abc's mara schief campo has more. >> nice bicep curl. right. >> reporter: drenched in sweat, feeling the burn. workouts make you feel like rocky. but experts say what seems like
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heavyweight training may actually be a lightweight workout. studies showing men and women tend to overestimate the number of calories they burn when exercising. >> why are people overestimating how much they're burning? >> well, it's hard to tell. i think if you go out and run and take a spin class or something and you're tired and you're sweating you have no context to know how many calories that was, so you just think i must have burned a lot. >> reporter: to find out just how hard it is to accurately gauge your burn we went to new york's hospital for special surgery. >> this is a metabolic cart. it's going to measure how many oxygen and carbon dioxide is in your exhale there. it's going to measure how many calories you're burning. >> reporter: i ran at a comfortable pace for ten minutes. >> how many calories would you say that was? >> i would guess about 200. >> reporter: but after crunching some numbers. >> 90 calories. >> stop it. >> reporter: next up, brianna bikes for ten minutes. she thought she would burn 110 calories but only burned 97.
2:57 am
gibson does a series of high intensity intervals for seven minutes. >> how many calories do you think you burned? >> i would go with 100. >> reporter: his actual number of calories burned -- 72. experts say this overestimating can potentially lead to overeating, revealing a hidden reason weight loss can be so tough. >> it takes a long time to burn a lot of calories and a very short time to eat those same amount of calories. you may go for a run, you burn 500 calories. you could really eat that in probably 30 seconds. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> that is a problem for a lot of people. you work out and think oh, i can afford the chocolate cake now because i ran. and then you defeat the whole purpose. >> but that was such a buzzkill after all we've eaten this morning. >> but you, mr. universe. >> whoo! >> i would like to say -- >> you're here to pump us up. >> i don't know how you guys got one of my selfies. >> we told you
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this morning on "world news now" -- tropical trouble. >> the storm system flooding much of the east could be followed by strengthening storm named joaquin. the extreme weather delivered in a one-two punch. cold case solved. after 24 years the man accused of torturing two women is now in custody. how a famous tv crimefighter helped police. consumer alert. the battle for your smartphone business dials up even more. how you can save hundreds thanks to intense competition. and later, record jump. more than 200 brave skydivers sharing the same goal. the amazing outcome on this wednesday september 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this
3:01 am
wednesday. i'm reena ninan back. but my isb, which is a fancy thing that the control room can talk to me, i think it's meant to be. it turned back -- >> it's broken. but it's the lifeline to the producers. it's a good thing. you don't get to hear them scream at you. you don't get to hear them say wrap or anything. >> it's all on you today, kendis. >> so great. i get to hear the voices in my head today. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> what a week to be back. >> oh, my goodness. all about weather. i hope you have your abc rain jacket with you. >> yes. >> you sported that many a time out in the field. and we're going to start with the double trouble really being brought up by mother nature. >> we're talking about the two major slow systems slowly gaining strength. marty in the pacific and of course we're following joaquin in the atlantic. joaquin has winds of at least 70 miles an hour. whether it will impact the u.s. is still unclear. >> but a third storm is already bringing torrential rain and flooding to the southeast. abc's ginger zee of course tracking it all. >> reporter: plowing through the
3:02 am
evening commute. >> this is the first time it's ever got up this bad. >> reporter: even submerging part of this campus. a wet and wild day at james madison university. >> oh, god. >> reporter: flash floods from virginia to north carolina. more than two inches of rain in just over an hour, flooding parking lots in high point, north carolina, sweeping away a car, forcing a chaotic water rescue. >> this water tonight really surprised me. how fast it will carry you down the river. >> reporter: all that moisture surging north into virginia, consuming roads, stressing the drainage system, and taking over back yards. it's that same tropical moisture that doused the panhandle of florida with a foot of rain monday. it meets the cold front and the northeast is in the crosshairs. remember, these are two separate storms. the one that's hitting now, mostly interior new england going to get the brunt of it as we go through our wednesday. most of us are going to dry out as we go through wednesday afternoon and early wednesday
3:03 am
evening. then there's joaquin. way out in the atlantic. something that we are tracking as it gets closer by the weekend we'll know a lot more. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> of course abc continuing to track that story throughout the day. in the meantime we have breaking news from georgia where the state's only female death row inmate has been executed. kelly gissendaner was pronounced dead at 21 minutes after midnight. the execution came after the u.s. supreme court rejected a third appeal. gissendaner was convicted of conspiring to kill her husband, but she wasn't present for his actual murder and later became a model prisoner. family and friends fought to save her life. >> every day i feel like my world is just falling apart. >> i love you, i love you, i love you. i am so proud of you. >> well, pope francis's diplomatic representative in the u.s. sent a letter on behalf of the pope asking that her life be spared. he cited an address the pope
3:04 am
gave before congress last week during which he called for the death penalty to be abolished. leaders in chicago say gun violence is out of control. six people have been killed and at least eight others wounded in just the past two days. those wounded include an 11-month-old boy and a 2-year-old. this latest burst of violence follows two straight bloody weekends. >> chicago's got to wake up. we've got to stop saying it's okay to have 30, 40, 50 people shot over a weekend. oh, my god, look, we're setting records. the number one issue in the city of chicago should be gun violence. >> the mayor is calling for stricter gun control laws and enforcement of them. murders and non-fatal shootings in chicago both up 20% this year. a former fugitive who's been running from authorities for nearly a quarter century is being sent back to oregon to face justice. paul jackson was captured in mexico. he's accused of kidnapping as well as torturing two women, and he was taken into custody after being profiled by a well-known
3:05 am
tv crime fighter, john walsh. abc's pierre thomas with the details. >> reporter: the nightmare began in this room 24 years ago. young oregon women kidnapped off the streets and raped for days. >> i was sure that i was going to die, and i was chained and shackled at my ankles and my wrists. >> reporter: the horror only ending when one freed herself and dove through a window to escape. >> directly across the hall from the bedroom where they kept me chained, and i knew that that was like my only, only escape. >> reporter: since then paul irvin jackson, the man accused of these crimes, had been on the run after jumping bail. jackson is behind bars in los angeles. tracked down in guadalajara, mexico by the u.s. marshals. jackson was arrested with the help of a tv show, and a familiar face now synonymous with catching bad guys, john walsh. his show decided to feature the cold case and a critical tip came in within 24 hours that led authorities to jackson. >> this lowlife is finally going to face justice, and these women are going to get their day in
3:06 am
court. another one down. a really bad lowlife down. >> reporter: jackson's brother, vance roberts, was on the run for 16 years before he turned himself in in 2006, for his role in those heinous crimes. he's now serving more than 100 years in jail. jackson likely faces the same justice. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. overseas right now. afghan forces appear to be failing in their efforts to retake the city of kunduz despite u.s. air support. the taliban has threatened its hold on the city, closing roads, torching government buildings, and taking over the airport. the city's limited health facilities overwhelmed by the injured, though the number of dead and injured remains unclear. president obama is warning that the fight against isis will not be won with weapons alone. speaking at a u.n. summit he said that good ideas, jobs, and good governance are key to defeating isis. this as a new report finds an increasing number of americans are joining isis. here's abc's martha raddatz.
3:07 am
>> reporter: the house homeland committee task torres report says there are 250 americans who have gone to iraq and syria joining up with isis or other islamic extremist groups. are you confident that we can track all 250? >> no, i'm not. and this has long been the concern about fighters that go into iraq and syria, get trained, and then have a western passport and get back either into europe or into the united states. >> reporter: and you believe they could get back into the united states? >> absolutely. >> reporter: there have been about 70 criminal cases brought in the u.s. of isis supporters, suspected isis supporters, but the report says americans are being radicalized at an unprecedented speed and straining the abilities of law enforcement to monitor and intercept them. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. the head of planned parenthood has defended her health organization. before highly critical lawmakers on capitol hill. cecile richards said less than
3:08 am
1% of the group's clinics donate fetal tissue for medical research. she said that videos released by an anti-abortion group were doctored to appear that the tissue was sold when in fact they claim it wasn't. >> the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> as for republican presidential candidate carly fiorina's claim that planned parenthood kept a fetus alive in order to harvest its brain, plarntdhood has accused fiorina of lying about the video. the auto workers union is threatening to strike one of ford plants that makes the popular f-150 pickup truck. 7,500 union members work at the plant in kansas city. a strike could prove crippling to ford since the f-150 is highly profitable to the automaker. the uaw says ford has refused to address issues of safety,
3:09 am
manpower, as well as seniority at that plant. well, some developments in the volkswagen emissions scandal. a house committee is now asking the company for all its information about compliance with u.s. emission standards. the lawmakers want to know how volkswagen was able to cheat emissions tests with 11 million cars worldwide. and volkswagen has drawn up a plan to have all those cars refitted. that's something dealers here in the u.s. say simply has to be done. >> there's been a group of customers that has been concerned about feeling like they've been duped through the process. and you know, there's a lot of emotion when something like this of this magnitude happens. >> authorities say there are 482,000 volkswagen vehicles in the u.s. that would need to be recalled. okay. so an interesting concept here. it might not help, but at least american airlines passengers will know where their missing bag went. the carrier is now offering free real-time online luggage
3:10 am
tracking for checked bags. the carrier added the free perk without fanfare saying it's something customers had been asking for. american was already collecting the data for internal use but is now sharing it with passengers. >> i'm really glad to hear that. do you know i went on a trip from d.c. to south africa for nelson mandela's final days and they lost my suitcase. i had months' worth of clothes i was going to be out there for. couldn't track it. my mother-in-law finally got to the bottom of it. >> very good to hear. the entire time you're talking producers in my ear saying shut her up. >> we now know it's a daily occurrence. oh, for a group of native americans in south dakota is going all in in pursuit of a new revenue stream. the stream is all about one thing. pot. >> yeah. the fanti sioux is planning the nation's first marijuana resort on its reservation. they already have a growing facility set up and they expect to be selling their first joint
3:11 am
at a new year's eve party. >> the tribe's president says they want the resort to be an adult playground. and make no mistake, this is big business. the tribe says it could generate up to $2 million a month in profit. >> you like the idea. >> well, we were supposed to chat about this, but since the producers said tell her to be quiet i'll be quiet. >> in my ear, yes. there are even sound effects. reena's in her own world right now. >> is that the gunshot they had? >> i'll tell you, my one thing about that whole idea is that just imagine the long line at the buffet. >> oh! >> munchies. >> getting the munchies. what is the cookie place that people here in the bureau really love? midnight cookies? insomniac cookies? >> i wouldn't know. >> or is that the cookies we make in our kitchen? >> all right. coming up in "the mix," fashion police. the college campus taking aim at the man bun. >> is this your way of saying to move on? >> yes. >> also, offers to upgrade your smartphone for only a dollar. could the new battle for your
3:12 am
phone business help you save money? >> and later, 200 brave people take to the skies to jump their way into the history books. >> and remember, you can find us on facebook,, and twitter @abcwnn. we always love hearing from you. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance that's simple to get. coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day.
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it destroys limescale in seconds without scrubbing. tough hard water buildup - gone! no scrubbing. turbo power destroys it. for lime, calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must! the hunt it on in philadelphia for a man who got his nails done on sunday and then robbed the nail salon.
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when he was asked to pay, he pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and demanded money. surveillance cameras show him grabbing money and some items from drawers. no shots were fired, and no one was injured before the guy made his escape. must not have liked the pedi or the mani. with the release of their new iphone, apple has set a record, selling 13 million new iphones in just a matter of three days. >> and it's no surprise that cell phone companies are pulling out all the stops to sign up customers. here's abc's rebecca jarvis with all those deals. >> reporter: the hottest-selling phone of all time -- >> this is iphone 6s. >> reporter: igniting a price war. >> get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. >> reporter: wireless carriers like t-mobile, sprint, at&t, and verizon competing for your business with a familiar approach. slashing prices on phones to lock you into their monthly plans. >> they want you to sign a deal with them because then you'll be there for a year, maybe more, and you'll just keep upgrading. >> reporter: if you buy this
3:17 am
iphone 6s outright from apple, it costs $649. at sprint you can get the same iphone for $1 a month as long as you have an iphone 6 to trade in. at t-mobile it's a little higher. $5 a month. but their offer is available if you trade in an iphone 6 or the most current galaxy. but buyer beware. cancel that wireless service and you'll be face a much bigger bill for the device itself. >> if you wanted to go to a new carrier you'd have to pay off the phone. >> yeah. exactly. but then the phone belongs to you and you can take it wherever you want. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> you're really into the iphone. >> i'm into the iphone. but some people were yelling at me yesterday on twitter saying all we talk about is the iphone, saying you know, google was presenting brand new phones yesterday -- >> oh, i didn't know that. >> and they did make a big splash with two new phones. >> is google bringing back the blackberry?
3:18 am
>> no. i think it's a different maker. >> the rotary phone. is google bringing back the rotary phone? or those red glasses? >> it can be like an operator. >> it could be an operator. >> we should mention her earpiece is back and working. >> thanks for -- coming up in our next half hour -- why you should think about putting down the smartphone. despite the latest deals, a new study finding adults are talking face to face much less even though we know it's better when we do. >> all right. but first jumping into history, a new world record in skydiving. we're along for the ride as these daredevils go through all the precise steps to pull off the biggest group jump ever. the international effort next on "world news now."
3:19 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. you can jump out of a plane thousands of feet above the
3:20 am
ground. it's a decision one must make on their own. >> yes, it does. but if you want to be part of a new skydiving world record it's going to take some serious work together. abc's rob mcmillan caught up with some of these brave and very cooperative folks. >> reporter: there were more than 200 of them, skydivers from nearly 30 countries all around the world. but there was only one goal -- to set a new world record. >> we're in the build-up phase right now. and we've been practicing for the last two days. >> reporter: the task seemed almost impossible. 202 skydivers loaded up onto nine different planes. once at altitude, with the planes in perfect formation, the skydivers jump. like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, they all get into formation, then break and make a second formation. all of this in just 60 seconds. the old record was 121 people. here they're trying for more
3:21 am
than 200. >> it's a zero defect environment because everything has to be exactly right. >> there have been about four or five attempts earlier, you know, a couple years ago, but they all failed. >> reporter: people came from all over to watch. >> unbelievable. >> you see them but like it's never that many. >> to watch them all come in so fast one after the other. it kind of gives you goosebumps. >> reporter: these skydivers go up every couple of hours, each time getting closer and closer to setting that record. >> there we go. >> wow. >> reporter: they were confident that they did it. >> whoo! >> reporter: a set of judges had to make the decision. >> and you guys broke the record. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: 202 skydivers from all across the globe, all of them now in possession of the world record. this is rob mcmillan for abc news. >> it looks very cool. >> yeah. good for them. not for us. not at all. coming up, who's outlawing the
3:22 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ it's time for "the mix." a lot of people do it. they try to park in handicapped spots. >> oh, yeah. >> which is such a no-no. and apparently in russia they say some 30% of drivers do it. so a group called bird strategy in russia decided to fight back with this. take a look at it. it's a hologram of a handicapped man. >> okay. >> and they're putting these around spots to show people -- >> they just show up if you're trying to park or -- >> does the hologram man show up? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure about that. but this video went driver. it's an ad agency that teamed up to do it. >> oh, wow. >> apparently their website says whatever's new in the tech world we're ahead of it. but it is such a huge problem. it drives you nuts because you can tell when people don't have a handicapped tag on their car. >> that is kind of creepy,
3:26 am
though. to just see this guy show up out of nowhere when you're trying to park. that's one way to get the message in there. >> i think we should bring this to russia. too bad that meeting between obama and footin didn't go too well. >> that would be one way to -- >> to bring it over. >> yeah, absolutely. so you know the man bun has been all over the place. brian's hair is long enough to be able to put it in a man bun despite his wife not wanting it. we've seen the man bun. some of us have different feelings about. i think it's cool. being a follically challenged person as i am. but the folks at brigham young university their idaho campus have put out new rules on their campus. they ban the man bun. >> why? >> they say it does not follow the code that is consistent with the teaching of jesus christ. so you cannot have the man bun as a student at byu. even though in many a movies doesn't it look like jesus had hair long enough for a man bun?
3:27 am
>> yes, it does. i think that's true. the last supper photo i've seen. the prayer at gethsemane. all those photos had him with long hair. >> he wouldn't be allowed at byu in idaho. >> wow. who knew? another thing that's kind of strange that we didn't know about, ikea apparently has its own fashion show. take a look at the stuff they put out there. this is part of -- >> what in the world? >> the first fashion show. it's a collection that will be available in the u.s. for spring 2016. don't put things here. i'm not quite sure -- >> that's an eye. >> that's an eyeball. space eyeball? i'm not so sure. but there are aprons, shopping bags, cushions, dinnerware, lamp shades. and a -- >> doesn't that look like kanye's fashion line? >> no. his is fantastic. this is very interesting. this is like interpretive fashion. >> it is. just imagine how long it took them to put that together. ikea.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
breaking overnight on "world news now," death row drama. the tense legal battle to stop a mother convicted of a murder plot from execution. the decision a short while ago from the supreme court. and new this half hour, same-sex marriage and the pope. >> details emerging about the county clerk from kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses. she says she met with pope francis. political fight. bill clinton speaking out about donald trump, the presidential campaign's latest war of words. and later, lady gaga is number one. and we're not talking about her latest single. we're talking about something bigger. that's in "the skinny" this wednesday september 30th. ♪ tonight >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." stumped you, huh? >> you did. the best lady gaga song she asked me. that seems like a contradiction. >> because they're all so good. >> no, because they're all so bad. >> are you kidding me? i put lady gaga on and it's the only time i run faster. >> really? >> yeah. the twice a year when i go running. i always make sure lady gaga. >> lady gaga does it. >> "bad romance" gets in your head -- >> "bad romance." i can't remember the other one i have on my i -- i use an ipod. am i the only person in america who still uses -- i'm the only person. >> i have a boombox that i carry. >> i look forward to seeing that one. but we do have some very serious breaking news at this hour from georgia. the state's only female inmate on death row was executed just after midnight. this case even getting the pope's attention. >> yeah. the lethal injection carried out after a third appeal to the u.s. supreme court was denied. abc's lana zak has been watching the events unfold. >> execution of kelly gissendaner was carried out in
3:32 am
accordance with state law. >> reporter: not prayers or even a plea from pope francis could save kelly gissendaner's life. for the first time in 70 years the state of georgia executed a woman. tears and frustration as supporters stood in the rain. hours after the scheduled execution the georgia supreme court weighed in, deciding not to spare her life. in 1997 a jury convicted the mother of three of orchestrating the murder of her husband doug, convincing her lover to stab him to death. gissendaner was not present for the murder. behind bars the 47-year-old had been a model prisoner, expressing remorse, even studying theology. >> family life is sacred. >> reporter: tuesday pope francis sent a letter asking the georgia parole board to commute the sentence to one that would better express both justice and mercy. her children have been pleading for clemency in videos like this. >> every day i feel like my world is just falling apart. >> reporter: the kids had to choose spend time with their mom
3:33 am
or appear at a hearing to plea for mercy. they chose to fight for her life but the board refused without explanation. gissendaner sent this final message for her daughter and sons. >> i love you, i love you, i love you, i am so proud of you. >> reporter: she had been scheduled for execution back in march but it was postponed because of a problem with the lethal injection drug. gissendaner was the only woman on georgia's death row. lana zak, abc news, washington. this morning we're hearing about a big surprise from the pope's visit that we didn't know about until now. kentucky clerk kim davis met with pope francis in washington, d.c. this according to her lawyers. davis and her husband joe met with the pope at the vatican embassy according to a statement from the liberty council. the pope reportedly told davis to stay strong, and he gave her a rosary. the vatican, however, has not confirmed such a meeting took place. a convicted killer is on the loose after the man was mistakenly released from a
3:34 am
louisiana prison. ben jewel johnson was being transferred to another prison last week after completing a prior sentence. it was five days before officials realized the mistake. they blamed missing paperwork and miscommunication. his family says it doesn't know where he's located. now to the extreme weather soaking the eastern third of the country. no, this isn't joaquin. now strengthening off the east coast. but another storm. the heavy rain in the south like here in virginia forced the evacuation of homes and road closures. some schools closed early just in time for the kids to see halloween pumpkins wash away down a creek. there is also a state of emergency in the florida panhandle with major flooding. many homes and farms are cut off with roads impassable. businesses closed early. drainage systems are overtaxed. and the rain raised the shoal river's water level by more than ten feet. that rainfall from the southeast is also drenching the northeast. >> and right behind this storm
3:35 am
is joaquin, growing into a hurricane. here's meteorologist justin povick at accuweather. hey, justin. good morning to you. >> reena and kendis, thanks. and good morning to you. we're tracking more heavy rains throughout the northeast into portions of new england. and i do suspect this is going to cause additional flash flooding problems all throughout the day. new york city north and eastbound toward bangor. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if some areas receive close to ten inches of rain before it's all said and done later on this week. then we have to worry about joaquin, which again is a strengthening system moving off to the west, bending to the north. reena and kendis, back to you. >> all right, justin. thank you there. president obama is back in the white house this morning, following a historic meeting with cuban leader raul castro. the two men met yesterday here in new york city. it was their second meeting this year and the first time a u.s. president has talked with his cuban counterpart on american soil in more than 60 years.
3:36 am
they spoke about ways the u.s. and cuba relations can continue. mr. obama also raised the issue of human rights in cuba. well, russian president putin is getting support from donald trump. the presidential candidate says he has no problem with russia's recent military build-up in syria, and he says he thinks president assad may be preferable to the kind of people the u.s. is, quote, supposed to be backing. and the war of words between trump and clinton is heating up. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: former president bill clinton taking on donald trump. >> you shouldn't be able to insult your way to the white house. >> reporter: for months trump's attacks on hillary fast and furious. >> easily she's the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. >> reporter: but now hillary's husband is firing back, calling trump fact-free. >> the day after you take the oath of office -- >> it's yours. >> -- you can't go to an insult or have -- you're not in an episode of "survivor." you're actually supposed to show up and run the show. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
3:37 am
using trump's words against him. >> and hillary, who's become very shrill. you know the word shrill? she's become shrill. >> reporter: in a new fund-raising e-mail the clinton campaign painting the remark as sexist, saying "is the woman who asks for the raise she deserves shrill?" trump insists he wasn't being sexist. the gop front-runner whose new tax plan was praised by some republicans, getting clobbered by a conservative tax group. the tax foundation saying trump's plan would add more than $10 trillion to the deficit, something trump denies. expect to see a lot more of bill clinton on the campaign trail. he's about to hit the road in support of his wife, raising money. he says he wants to let people know what she can do. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> thank you, tom. stem cells may soon be used to reverse blindness. british doctors have treated the first of ten patients in a test. the 60-year-old woman has age-related macular degeneration in the procedure, eye cells are
3:38 am
implanted in the back of the retina to replace diseased blood vessels. so far the researchers say the first patient has had no complications. >> what we're hoping to do is reconstruct the macula so you don't have the disease. this is a different way of doing this and for the first time we feel we're actually delivering a treatment to try and cure, as it were, the disease itself. >> one researcher says the test is important not only for treating a major cause of blindness but also for understanding how stem cells can be used. so a big announcement coming today from one of nascar's most recognizable drivers. tony stewart will make it official. he'll be announcing his retirement. the three-time nascar champion is expected to say he will be ending his sprint cup racing career after next year's season. but he's not leaving racing, at least not completely. stewart has several business interests that will keep him connected to the track. and there were a dozen major league baseball games last night with many thousands of fans in attendance. it's safe to say that none of
3:39 am
those fans getting as much attention as a guy at the yankees game. >> this was just embarrassing. we should say he's getting attention for the wrong reasons. the guy in the light blue well-starched shirt and glasses there, he couldn't catch a foul ball. then he botched a foul grounder. >> this isn't fair. this would be me with the glasses out there. finally the ball boy tossed him a ball in sympathy. and then he messed that catch up too. >> one, two. three. >> he had to lean over and get the ball off the field actually. but he was a good sport about it. and so was his female friend in attendance. >> no, she was hiding her face. well, the yanks have been like stumbling their way toward a playoff. >> come on, he doesn't have a glove. a mitten. what do you call those things? >> a mitten. a mitten, yes. a dolly. >> a dolly? i'd take anything. a towel, for goodness sake. give him a break. even the baseball players don't catch them -- >> you're really giving him a break. >> i am because i feel for him. i don't think we should be
3:40 am
playing this on national television. >> it's embarrassing. he should have caught the ball from the ball boy. >> give him a mitten and try it again. >> a mitten. coming up in "the skinny," who will play the role of a young nicki minaj in a brand new tv show? >> also ahead, put away your phone and have a conversation face to face. imagine that. one expert admits it's not as easy as it sounds. later, taking a spin in a new car that has no steering wheel. is google's new ride a smooth one? but first today's forecast. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by no-no hair removal.
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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel.
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click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click a major drug bust for the u.s. coast guard in the
3:44 am
caribbean. more than $40 million worth of cocaine and marijuana. the shipment was first spotted by coast guard plane off the dominican republic, then intercepted by a cutter. the suspects threw some of the drugs overboard. the coast guard says this is a record year for drug busts by the service. seizing more than $4 billion in cocaine just in the past year alone. a change is coming at the top of one of the most famous american fashion empires. ralph lauren is giving up the title of ceo at the company he founded nearly 50 years ago. lauren is not leaving his company completely, though. he'll remain as executive chairman and chief creative officer. the president of old navy will take over as ceo in november. >> boy, he just had some great -- a great run over there, ralph lauren. great visionary. i love their clothes, i have to say. but they never retire, do they? >> they never retire. they hang on and there's no way he can let go of that brand that he's been with. >> i hope he hangs on because i've liked the revolution -- the
3:45 am
evolution of it. well, turning now to our phones, many of us feel we can't live without them. while that might be true, one thing's for sure. we can't live without each other. >> yes. and as abc's dr. richard besser reports, it's something we know very, very well. so why don't we put down our phones and simply just talk with each other? so what i was saying was -- >> reporter: our technology keeps us constantly connected and plugged in. >> hey, jake, you want to pass the salt, please? >> reporter: but it also has a down side. take this youtube parody, "pass the salt." viewed over 13 million times. revealing dinner time forever changed. [ typewriter sounds ] >> dad. >> sorry. i must have been a little distracted. >> before we had our phones, conversation was the way in which we satisfied our need for stimulation. and now we have so many other
3:46 am
ways to be stimulated that we sort of forget what conversation offers. >> reporter: in a recent "new york times" article and in her book "reclaiming conversation: the power of talk in a digital age," m.i.t. professor sherry turkle says our dependence on technology has dialed down human contact. >> face-to-face conversation. conversation where you make eye contact, conversation where you are giving your full attention to someone else, lays the groundwork for empathy. >> reporter: but 78% of people say using their phones in a group setting is a way to share, not to disengage. >> a lot of times, you know, i'll bring up a picture of my family for my friends who haven't met my family, or i'll bring up something that i saw on instagram i thought was really, really funny. a lot of times it ends up actually adding to the conversation rather than taking away from it. >> reporter: and yet professor turkle says being constantly plugged in ultimately makes it harder for people to think for
3:47 am
themselves. >> we think we're doing ourselves a favor by sort of always being able to distract ourselves, but actually we're working against our best interests. knowing who we are and really developing our own identity. >> reporter: dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> we should probably take a selfie. >> we should do a selfie. but does it matter? does it help if i send my family an emoji? >> an emoji? >> does that count as communicating with loved ones? >> i'm not sure. >> coming up, the rat pack reunited. plus, who's naming lady gaga the woman of the year? "the skinny" is next. did you take it already? what are you taking -- >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right. topping our "skinny" headlines this morning mama monster herself, lady gaga. >> she's being bestowed with the honor of woman of the year. billboard made the announcement yesterday that gaga will receive the award in december during its annual women in music event. the magazine says it picked gaga for her contributions to entertainment. >> the 29-year-old gaga has taken on many causes through music, including the empowerment of marginalized youth. she's also shown her versatility
3:50 am
in style, performing everything from pop to jazz. lady gaga now joins taylor swift, pink, katy perry, and beyonce with the honor. congratulations for her. >> good for her. turning now to another star that is being honored, the incomparable sammy davis jr. it has been 25 years, can you believe it, since his death. and yesterday a roadway in las vegas was named after mr. show business. >> members of davis's family attended a ceremony yesterday, unveiling the new street signs and the renaming completes a reunion of sorts. sammy davis jr. drive intersects with streets already named for fellow rat pack performers frank sinatra and dean martin. >> what took so long? by the way, davis's daughter tracy said, quoting here, "i'm so happy to see my father reunited in the town we have loved with his best friends. i'm sure uncles frank and dean along with my legendary father are smiling right now." >> we love any reunion of these guys. we'll take it. and next up, nicki minaj we know from one of her songs that she's feeling herself. >> i'm feeling myself.
3:51 am
>> but she's -- but now she's actually looking for herself. >> that's a different song by the divinyls. nicki's on the hunt for a younger version of herself since news broke yesterday of her deal with abc family. the rapper and singer can add television producer to her list of accomplishments. >> minaj is working on a comedy based on her life growing up in queens, and she's already revealed that the first episode will center on her preteen self. she took to social media to launch a nationwide search for an 11 or 12-year-old to play her and will also be writing raps that will be performed by the actress to be named on the show. >> okay. well, good. we'll see who they get for that. finally, 007 racking up some major numbers when it comes to his car collection. >> according to an interview in "the daily mail" with the chief stunt coordinator for the new james bond film "specter," $36 million worth of cars were destroyed while shooting. >> that includes 7 out of 10 aston martins, a land rover and a concept jaguar.
3:52 am
or as bond would say, "jag-u-ar." "specter" by the way, opens the 24th. "specter" by the way, opens the 24th. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria
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try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. ♪ and finally this half hour, a commuter's dream. a car that drives itself. you know, they've been in development for many years and even spotted on some roadways, and now we're one step closer to the future.
3:56 am
>> abc's neal karlinsky got a first look at google's self-driving car, taking cameras along for a ride in the passenger seat because, well, there's actually no driver's seat. >> reporter: here it is. it just pulled up all by itself. at google's normally secret google x facility in silicon valley the future is now, and it comes in the shape of this little round bubble of a car. google invited us to be among the first outsiders to ride in their prototype self-driving car, a ride like no other. >> we haven't gone very fast, although i can't tell you how fast we have gone because there's no speedometer in here. there's no control at all. >> reporter: we were on a closed course for a four-minute ride, filled with obstacles meant to simulate the real world. this is what the car sees through a series of cameras radars and lasers. it identifies people, other cars, everything. apple, uber, and tesla are also
3:57 am
said to be working on next-generation cars. no steering wheel, just two seats and the hum of the electric motor. feel free to text and drive or take a nap for that matter. not coming soon exactly, but according to google sooner than you think. neal karlinsky, abc news, mountain view, california. >> i'm not so sold on this. i prefer e.t. on a bike. with a basket. >> the part that scares me is that they've had a dozen accidents in the six years of practicing it. but they say it's all because of humans. but you know, it's a good concept. they're going to continue to work at it. but it might be the way of the future. it allows you to drive and text. did somebody say road trip? >> not when you're in the front seat. >> why do i get to drive? women have come so far along and yet. i'm the driver. >> i'm scared of you driving. >> you should be. i try to practice like a new york cabbie. >> oh. >> announcer: this is abc "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informi
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, tracking the tropics. joaquin gaining strength overnight. who should be on alert. plus, another weather event happening right now. housing surrounded by water. a college campus flooded. we have the details. breaking overnight, a georgia woman executed despite a plea for mercy from the pope. what she was saying during the execution. a plane coming in for a landing. the wick scraping the ground. fan fail. a major league spectator going viral for his inability to catch. good wednesday morning to you. we're tracking two very serious weather situations right now. >> yes, the system is dumping a


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